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Please read the Good Practices Guide


Mentor's commitments

  • The mentor undertakes to attend all scheduled meetings with the mentees and to complete the coaching.
  • The mentor must participate in at least one activity during the year (training, mentoring, networking).
  • The mentor undertakes to reply within 3 working days following the request for participation from the Interconnection advisor responsible for pairing mentors with mentees. The mentor is free to refuse a pairing request.
  • Mentoring is the free sharing of the mentor's experience, knowledge and skills in order to foster the mentee's development.
  • The mentor undertakes to fill out the assessment forms received from the Interconnection Program following the activities.
  • When the mentor is no longer able to continue his or her commitment, the Interconnection advisor must be informed as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken.
  • Mentoring cannot be considered a business development opportunity for the mentor.

Depending on the mentee's needs, the mentor may:

  • Review the mentee's resume and cover letter;
  • Inform the mentee about employers’ expectations: recruitment process, skills and expertise sought;
  • Share resources and information on your sector’s functioning and work culture in Quebec;
  • Propose strategies and tips that allow the mentee to develop a contact network;
  • Direct the mentee towards professional opportunities (internships, employment, competitions, returning to school, etc.).

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